Recent Publications

(in inverse chronological order, since 2016-present, as corresponding author *)

  1. Liu Dong#, Liu Yingying#, Duan Hua-Zhen, Chen Xinjie, Wang Yanan, Wang Ting, Yu Qing, Chen Yong-Xiang*, & Lu Yuan#. (2023). Customized synthesis of phosphoprotein bearing phosphoserine or its nonhydrolyzable analog. Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology, 8(1), 69-78.
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  1. Chang Rong, Chen Jia-Lin, Zhang Guan-Yi, Li Yue, Duan Hua-Zhen, Luo Shi-Zhong*, & Chen Yong-Xiang*. (2022). Intrinsically Disordered Protein Condensate-Modified Surface for Mitigation of Biofouling and Foreign Body Response. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144(27), 12147-12157.
  1. Chang Rong#, Liu Yang-Jia#, Zhang Yun-Lai, Zhang Shi-Ying, Han Bei-Bei, Chen Feng*, & Chen Yong-Xiang*. (2022). Phosphorylated and Phosphonated Low-Complexity Protein Segments for Biomimetic Mineralization and Repair of Tooth Enamel. Advanced Science, 2103829, Article 2103829.
  1. Wu Jun-Jun#, Chen Fang-Yuan#, Han Bei-Bei#, Zhang Hong-Qing#, Zhao Lang, Zhang Zhe-Rui, Li Juan-Juan, Zhang Bo-Dou, Zhang Ya-Nan, Yue Yu-Xin, Hu Hong-Guo, Li Wen-Hao, Zhang Bo*, Chen Yong-Xiang*, Guo Dong-Sheng*, & Li Yan-Mei*. (2022). CASTING: A Potent Supramolecular Strategy to Cytosolically Deliver STING Agonist for Cancer Immunotherapy and SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination. CCS Chemistry.
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  1. Zhu Peng-Cheng, & Chen Yong-Xiang*. (2021). Facile Synthesis of Boc-Protected Selenocystine and its Compatibility with Late-Stage Farnesylation at Cysteine Site. Protein and Peptide Letters, 28(6), 603-611.
  1. Li Fang-Yi, Zhang Zhen-Feng, Voss Stephanie, Wu Yao-Wen, Zhao Yu-Fen, Li Yan-Mei, & Chen Yong-Xiang*. (2020). Inhibition of K-Ras4B-plasma membrane association with a membrane microdomain-targeting peptide. Chemical Science, 11(3), 826-832.
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  1. Zhang Yun-Lai, Chang Rong, Duan Hua-Zhen, & Chen Yong-Xiang*. (2020). Metal ion and light sequentially induced sol-gel-sol transition of a responsive peptide-hydrogel. Soft Matter, 16(33), 7652-7658.
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  1. Gao Na, Huang Yun-Peng, Chu Ting-Ting, Li Qian-Qian, Zhou Bing, Chen Yong-Xiang*, Zhao Yu-Fen, & Li Yan-Mei*. (2019). TDP-43 specific reduction induced by Di-hydrophobic tags conjugated peptides. Bioorganic Chemistry, 84, 254-259.
  1. Chen Hong-Xue#, Kang Jie#, Chang Rong, Zhang Yun-Lai, Duan Hua-Zhen, Li Yan-Mei, & Chen Yong-Xiang*. (2018). Synthesis of alpha,alpha-Difluorinated Phosphonate pSer/pThr Mimetics via Rhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation of beta-Difluorophosphonomethyl alpha-(Acylamino)acrylates. Organic Letters, 20(11), 3278-3281.
  1. Huang Si-Qi, Han Bei-Bei, Li Yan-Mei, & Chen Yong-Xiang*. (2018). A site-specific branching poly-glutamate tag mediates intracellular protein delivery by cationic lipids. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 503(2), 671-676.
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  1. Kang Jie#, Chen Hong-Xue#, Huang Si-Qi, Zhang Yun-Lai, Li Fang-Yi, Li Yan-Mei, & Chen Yong-Xiang*. (2017). Facile synthesis of Fmoc-protected phosphonate pSer mimetic and its application in assembling a substrate peptide of 14-3-3 zeta. Tetrahedron Letters, 58(26), 2551-2553.
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